K9 to 5

About Kevin

Midtown Sacramento Dog Walker
I spent the first decade of my career working in libraries, so I know the guilt of working full-time when your best friend is home alone. I always was a dog person, but it wasn’t until I met Sammy — a special needs rescue who lacked experience in the “human world” — that my interest became focused. As I helped Sammy transition and adapt, I became obsessed with understanding dogs, comprehending their needs and learning how they build trust. 

The relationship Sammy and I built together was pivotal in both of our lives. I started fostering hard-to-adopt dogs, volunteering with the local animal shelter and eventually leaving my full-time job to join a local dog walking and training company.

In 2020, I started K9 to 5. It is my attempt to provide Sacramento with the sensitive, personalized and consistent service I always wanted for my dog when I was working full-time. By limiting our client base I make sure that you are provided with exceptional service tailored to your pup. After-all, your dog deserves nothing less than the best carePlease reach out to me for more information. 
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